P.O. Box 142  *  Parrish, Florida  *  34219
Theater Rooted in the Community
Official Business

Parrish Playworks, Inc. was incorporated on February 25, 2014 and registered with the State of Florida Sunbiz (see www.sunbiz.org/) on March 3, 2014. The IRS has granted us tax-exempt status.

Officers and Board of Directors

           Karen Romant, President                                                                          Phil and Linda Montgomery

            Jennifer Butler, Vice-President                                                                   Greg Karpinsky

            Pat Morris                                                                                                Darryl Aiken         

            Marilyn Sanders, Co-Treasurer                                                                 Stan Kotas (Emeritus)                               Tiffany Pease, Co-Treasurer                                                                      Joe Romant              


Who are we?

Parrish Playworks was founded by the creative team behind Red Rooster Tales, playwright and director Karen Romant, and composer and musical director Ellen VanDolah. They were joined by cast and crew of the preview performance, all residents of Manatee County.  The November 2014 full-length premiere of Red Rooster Tales: the Train to Yesterday featured performers, writers, designers, and crew from ages 8 to 80, and drew an audience of 1,000.   Since then Parrish Playworks has performed scenes, stories and songs at various local venues, including the 2016/17 Manatee County Fair, Williams Elementary School, the Rocky Bluff Library, and the Florida Railroad Museum. In addition to our cast and crew, we  are proud to be supported by a team of hometown professionals: attorney, CPA, architect, teacher, pastor, and restaurant owner, to name just a few.

What is Parrish PLAYWORKS, Inc.?

Parrish Playworks is a non-profit (501c3)production company dedicated to creating professionally-staged community performance in Parrish and northern Manatee County.  We believe Parrish (and the north river section of Manatee County) deserves its own theater space for the whole community to enjoy!