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From Left to right, top row: Catherine Carter, Debbie Davidson, Keith Kessler, Barbara Anne Smilko, Dawn Reif, Phil Montgomery.  Bottom row: Rachel Schuette and Dann Baugher.

The Auctioneer's Last Call

features a train ride to the ghost town of Willow, where a recently discovered letter points to the burial place of lost Confederate gold.  Who will be the highest bidder for this treasure map?  Better look over your shoulder because rumor has it that a murderer is riding the rails with you.


The Auctioneer's Last Call, a comedic-murder-mystery-dinner show, is a production of Parrish Playworks in collaboration with Florida Railroad Museum. Our play is adapted from a mystery party game by Supper Sleuths.  Don't plan your next dinner party without visiting 

http://suppersleuths.com/ first!


For reservations call the railroad Ticket Office at 941-776-0906 or visit the Florida Railroad Museum  website,

http://www.frrm.org/Months/murder-mystery-train.html to reserve your seatS!

​​​Get on board the murder-mystery dinner train!

TICKETS now available at 


PARRISH PLAYWORKS is proud to collaborate with FRRM again and Supper Sleuths (who produce murder mystery party games!) on the 2019  murder mystery train.  ​SHOW DATES are 

​Fridays--Sundays, Feb.8--10, 15, 16, 17, 22, 23, 24 and March 1, 2, and 3.  Details below!

TICKETS Available!

Parrish PLAYWORKS uses the art of theaterto celebrate our local culture and history, create opportunities for self-expression, build bridges across any social or economic divide, spark the local economy, and to gather the people of Parrish together as theater participants and audience.

It all started in 2013 with Why should a storytelling play about Parrish called Red Rooster Tales. Here is the back story:

Once upon a time, there was a chicken rancher here in Parrish.  People came to buy eggs from him, but they couldn't find a rooster anywhere around--just 3,000 chickens.  Tired of hearing how lonely his chickens must be, the rancher decided . . . Click on STORY tab above for the rest of the story.



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